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Friday, 28 November 2014

Almost There!

What dreary weather, we have been having, in our neck of the woods!
Mists and mellow fruitfulness taken to it's extremes.
Taking Daisy out has become a real trial ......
the ground is so gloopy.
One bright spot is that the 'Party Tree', on our Village Green

is alight again!
I have been absent from the air waves, due to a phone fault!
Took a while to get an engineer but it's all fixed now.
This week's post is to catch you up, with my progress on the baby bag.
To quote the lyrics from an old Andy Williams song ....
" Close your eyes, for we're almost there."

The bag is knitted, assembled and the zip inserted.
I crocheted around the edges of the zip and hood.
It is a stitch called Crab Stitch, which I had to look up on the web.
Gives the edges a 'bound look', which I liked.
Will give a small tutorial, on it, in a future post, for those of you
who would like to try it out. It's quite tricky, as you go from left to right
instead of the usual right to left!

My best friend , Sally, who has just been on a visit, made a
paper pattern and cut out the lining for me.
Sewing is not my forte and she is the baby's father's godmother, 
so it seemed appropriate, that she should have a hand in the construction.
Well, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I machine stitched the lining together and with a bit of 
'jiggery-pokery' (nothing quite goes to plan does it)!
and a lot of luck, assembled knitted bag and lining together.
Hand stitching the lining in at the moment.
Pleased with the results .... hope they will be too!
Can't wait to finish and then I can concentrate on Christmas.
Have a great weekend everyone!