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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Baptism of Fire!

What a week it has been! 
 It's been non-stop, gettting ready for the Pop-up Shop.
We only have a small car, so have been going into Harrogate,
every day this week, in the early hours (so we can park outside), to
drop off all the things we need.

Snapped this 'rosey' sunrise, as we left on Monday morning.
The weather has been unseasonably warm and the Autumnal colours, glorious.

But, I digress!
We set off this morning at 6.15am and arrived to find all the alarms
in the shop, were ringing. Frantic keying in of code, ensued, to no effect.
What chaos, the noise was unbelievable!
To cut a long story short, many people were roused, at a very early hour.
Promises were made .....
The local police were informed and we abandoned the property.
Hopefully, it has been sorted! 
Definitely a 'baptism of fire'! 
We have learned a lot and now feel up to tackling any contingency.
A rash statement, if ever I heard one.
Tomorrow is set up day and we open,  Monday morning.
The rest of the week, has been spent ......
 framing my 'Grid' textiles, in perspex frames.

Handmade Britain

Woman to Woman

Perspex frames, are a new departure for me but I think
 they suit these pieces, perfectly.

Finished a collaged, Yorkshire Landscape.
Found this lovely frame in my usual store.

Washed the fabric buttons I found in Brighton.
They've come up well!
They are little landscapes on their own.
Meanwhile Mr C. has been tidying up the garden
and harvesting the last of the produce.

These are our Jerusalem Artichokes.
A bumper crop, this year.
Could be 'windy', in more ways than one, this week.
Heh, heh!