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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas to All!

I have had the most marvellous weekend, which has started
our Christmas, perfectly.
My son and his new girlfriend have been visiting from, Brighton.
I took them to visit a local landmark, Brimham Rocks.

where we clambered over the rocks

and took in the view.
There was lots of good cheer, laughter, food and drink.
The true meaning of Christmas!

Our tree is up and it only remains to wish you, a
" Happy Christmas to all
and to all a good-night."

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Wonderland!

The snow arrived this week, making a very festive landscape!

Preparations for the 'Big Day' are in full flow!
The tree is going up today, without doubt my favourite bit.
I love dressing it, in all it's finery. Lots of memories uncovered
 and re-visited, of Christmas's past,  to the strains of carols and cheesy
Christmas songs  ..... all part of the magic!
I have been commissioned to knit some socks, for a present.
The only brief I had was, they had to be colourful.
Knitted up 2 colourways ....


She liked both but chose the ones at the top.  Good choice!
Well on the way with the second one but not sure they will be finished on time.
Found this wool, when out on a present foray, in Skipton.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it but I loved the colours.
All those pinks and oranges.
Gone into my 'stash'!
Also, found this little Knitting doll, to add to my collection.

Isn't she cute ... very French looking, I thought.
Oh, la, la!
Lastly, scored this old rugging tool.

I think it's a Punch tool and is in full working order.
I need to do some investigation, on the Net, to find out exactly 
how it works and who made it.
All in all, a very successful trip!
Hope your preparations are well under way.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Finishing Touches!

The weather is on the change, here in our corner of N. Yorkshire,
from Autumn to Winter.
Much brighter days but colder ...... with the promise of
snow, later this week.

This Holly bush is loaded with berries, that the birds haven't found yet.
Have taken note of it, for possible festive decoration!
I have been having difficulties getting into the Christmas spirit,
this year, which is surprising as it's my favourite time of year.
I think it's because I have been under the weather and am not as
prepared as I usually am.
Mr C. drew our Christmas card yesterday.

I love the simplicity of it, with just the little bits of red on the tree.
Having printed some out, I am feeling a bit more equipped.
 Only remains for me to write them ....
A short post today, so much to do, at this time of year!
Only remains for me to share with you 

the finishing touch to my baby bag.
Little rabbit buttons, I found on my last visit to Brighton.
I am so pleased with it. Hope they will be too.
Have a great week, everyone!