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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Set Back!

This week's tale is full of woe!
We have really been put to the test, in the last few months.
Definitely a case of, one step forward and several back.
I want to apologise here in advance. I have not been keeping 
up with reading all the blogs, I follow.
I seem to have lost my joie de vivre!
Our van, that we thought was fixed is not ....
Mr C. took it out on a longer test drive and it failed.
A much more serious and looks like expensive fault!!
So it's back to 'shanks pony' for me.

Anyway, Daisy's happy about life.

Can you spot the Celandine's, nestling in the grass!
Also spotted some Ransomes and  Wood Anemones ....

Our gallery plans have been set back again, until our transport is fixed.
It is so frustrating but have decided to be positive.
These things are sent to try us!
Lastly, the hap I have been knitting has hit a snag.
The wool I was using proved to be unsuitable.
Have started again .... it's a bit bright and the colours 
probably not to everyone's taste .......

I'm liking it though! I couldn't afford to purchase more wool,
even though I was very tempted, so had to make use of what I had.
Do you think Ethel will like it!
Will be more up beat next time, I promise.
Have a good week, everyone!