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Monday, 18 May 2015

Almost There!

Just like it says in the Andy Williams lyrics,
"Close your eyes for we're almost there".
The gallery is due to open on Friday, despite
all the problems.
Mr C's had a setback in his recovery, so I have had to
 step up to the plate and get it ready to open.
Alongside this, we have had a house guest for the last week.

Meet Holly! She has come to stay for a fortnight,
while her lucky owners have gone on holiday.
She is a real live wire and takes a lot of looking after.
The walks have fallen to me, as I am the only one fit for purpose.

Spotted these bluebells

and the  Lady's Smock, whilst out with them at the weekend.
Today was the day I started hanging the work in the gallery.

Didn't realise how crooked they were until I looked at the photos!

What a time I have been having .....

A real 'baptism of fire'!

Just giving you a taster !

I enjoyed it so much, I'm going back again tomorrow, to tackle the front room,

(glimpsed through the doorway).
I apologise for the photos, they're not the best but give a flavour
of the interior. When I had finished, I have to admit to feeling a
little pleased with my effort.
Feeling very excited now that we are near to opening.
Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a success.
Won't be for want of trying .......
Have a great week everyone!