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Friday, 8 August 2014


I am straying a little 'off-piste', with this post.
I have not wandered into the work room much this week,

as we are busy getting ready for our Exhibition.
It all takes place, over August Bank Holiday weekend,
so not long to go now!
Mr C and I both have our strengths, in this affair.
He prepares all the screens, exhibits etc ... whilst I
concentrate on labels, advertising and all the little
things that go towards making a successful event.
This has necessitated an awful lot of time
on the computer, making posters and flyers.

This is the result of all my efforts.
I was quite pleased with the end product.
As you can see Ethel, has managed to make
an appearance.  She has been complaining that,
I haven't mentioned her in my blog much, of late.
So, to appease her a little, here she is,

modelling my newly blocked, Shetland shawl.
I've secured it, with a little kilt pin, which I thought was perfect.
Also thought I'd give you a peek, at my baby 'bag',
which is on the needles


this lovely bark cloth bag, that I keep the project in.
I found it amongst some fabric I was given. It should have handles but
I love it as it is.
Have a great weekend, everyone!